Friday, March 23, 2012

Real Estate Crowdsourcing Company Popularise Targets 626 S Street, NW

Startup company Popularise has selected 626 S Street, NW, for its newest "drawing board" and it's seeking resident input on what type of store or service should locate there.  (626 S Street, NW, is pictured to the left; the building is located across the street from the Wonder Bread building and Progression Place.)

Popularise is a bit difficult to explain.  It describes itself as "an online crowdsourcing platform focused on local development".   The way Popularise works is that a developer or business submits its property (which is generally vacant or underutilized) as a "drawing board" in order to solicit community input on how the property should be used; residents are then able to submit their ideas and those ideas are then voted on by other website users. Residents' input is supposed to help direct how the proeprty is utlimately used — resulting in a more community focused, and less corporate-focused, development project.

The company was co-founded by two sons of the founder of Western Development, which developed Washington Harbour, the Gallery Place project at the southeast corner of 7th and H Streets, NW, Georgetown Park Mall, and Market Square at 8th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, so the company has something of a pedigree. 

Check out Popularise's drawing board for 626 S Street, NW, here.

To learn more about Popularise, check out their About Us and FAQ pages.

Also check out an article about Popularise on the Atlantic Cities website here.


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