Monday, March 12, 2012

JBG Submits Updated (March 5, 2012) Renderings for Its Florida Avenue Project

JBG Florida Avenue project site
JBG has updated the renderings for its planned project on Florida Avenue, NW, between 7th and 9th Streets. Changes include the repositioning of certain building bays, an increase in the use of "warm" materials, the inclusion of raised curbs or seat walls where storefronts comes to grade, and the relocation of suspended lighting. The new renderings, dated March 5, 2012, can be viewed after the jump.

The changes are based on ongoing discussions between JBG and the District's Historic Preservation Office in preparation for a March 22, 2012, hearing before the Historic Preservation Review Board.  The renderings are likely to be further updated before that hearing.

Rendering of west building, at Florida Avenue and 8th Street, NW

According to the JBG website,"the lots of the Florida Avenue Project are 15,956 square feet, 8,621 square feet and 3,799 square feet respectively, totaling 28,376 square feet."  Also according to JBG, "preliminary feasibility studies for the project have included a mixed-use plan with residential units above a retail podium, conforming to the Duke [Framework] Plan that seeks to establish “a cultural destination district within in the greater Shaw/U Street neighborhood”."

The Duke Framework Plan, a product of the District's Office of Planning that establishes goals for the redevelopment of the 7th Street/Georgia Avenue and U Street/Florida Avenue commercial corridors in the vicinity of 7th and U Streets, NW, can be viewed at

March 5, 2012, Renderings
The renderings may be viewed below or by clicking here.

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  1. The 8th St facade is much improved. Now they need to work on breaking up the long repetitive facade along Florida Ave. It's a super block building on a street of very fine grained individual buildings. I really would hate to see that lost and have another K St of large rather non-descript buildings here. Joel.