Thursday, March 29, 2012

Duke Ellington Sculpture Arrives at Plaza Outside Howard Theatre in Shaw

Duke Ellington sculpture
with sculptor
Zachary Oxman (WTOP)
WTOP reports that the Duke Ellington sculpture, which will be located in the plaza adjacent to the Howard Theatre, will be delivered to Shaw this morning.  WAMU reports that the sculpture has arrived at the plaza.

In the WTOP story, the sculptor, Zachary Oxman, describes the sculpture (pictured to the left) as follows:  "[Ellington is] at the piano, but the piano itself turns into notes and moves up, almost like music.  The G clef that he's sitting on is actually not your traditional G clef, but it's inspired like his actual handwriting."

The plaza is currently under construction by DDOT as part of the streetscape improvements surrounding the Howard Theatre.

(Credit: WAMU)
Check out the DDOT plans for the plaza after the jump.

DDOT Elington Plaza Plans
[View the plans below or click here to open.]

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