Monday, January 23, 2012

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Proposed for 1500 Block of 7th Street; Public Meeting Scheduled

An application to locate a medical marijuana dispensary at 1539 7th Street, NW (Google Maps Street View:, has been filed by Compassion Centers of America, LLC, with the District's Department of Health (DOH).  A dispensary is a location where patients and caregivers can pick up prescriptions of marijuana for qualifying medical conditions under the District's recently enacted medical marijuana law.

ANC Commissioner Kevin Chapple has scheduled a public meeting to discuss the proposal in advance of a full ANC meeting, where the Commission will vote on whether to support the application.  Commissioner Chapple's meeting will take place on Friday, February 17, 2012 January 27, 2012.  [The meeting date was changed after this post was originally published.] (More information on the meeting is after the jump.)  

The District's medical marijuana law allows only 5 dispensaries, and 17 applications have been filed with the Department of Health, so the location of a dispensary on 7th Street is not assured.  (A list of all of the proposed dispensary locations is after the jump.)

Do you think this is a good location for a dispensary?  Will it hurt the neighborhood's revitalization?  Is it an important asset for those in need?  Please post your comments!

More information, including a copy of the application (redacted by the District government) is after the jump.

List of Dispensary Applications
For a list of all of the proposed dispensary locations, visit the DOH website at

Application Review Timeline
For a timeline of DOH's application review and approval process, visit

Text of Commissioner Chapple's Meeting Notice [Note: The community meeting has been rescheduled to Friday, February 17, 2012.]
During the February 1, 2012 ANC 2C meeting, ANC 2C will be ask[ed] to support the application of one of two entities vying to open a legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary which would be located in the 1500 block of 7th Street NW. Because of the limited time afforded for questions during ANC meetings, I will be hosting a community meeting so concerned residents will have more time to have their concerns and questions addressed. The only day I was able to secure a meeting space after business hours is on Friday, January 27, 2011 at the Kennedy Recreation Center 7 - 9pm. Officials from the DC Dept. of Health will be present to inform and address any questions regarding the DC laws regulating Medical Marijuana Dispensaries as well as representatives of the two entities submitting their applications to the DC Dept of Health. All are invited and encouraged to attend so your concerns and questions may be addressed and you will have an opportunity to voice your opinion regarding this issue. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me
Kevin L Chapple
Commissioner, ANC 2C02
Vice-Chair and Treasurer of ANC 2C
P.O. Box 26064
Washington, DC 20001

Application of Compassion Centers of America
[Note: This version of the application has been heavily redacted by the District government.  Items that were required to be included the application but that were redacted by the District include a description of the nature of the planned operations, including hours; facility suitability information; a description of the dispensary's security plan; the business plan; and a list of sources of funds.  (The application requirements can be viewed at  I have requested the complete application from the applicant and will provide updated information if it is received.]

CCA Medical Marijuana Dispensary Application Redacted)


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