Monday, January 23, 2012

BicycleSpace Moving to 7th Street in Shaw!

BicycleSpace ( has announced that it will be moving to 1019 7th Street, NW, next to the Passenger bar.  BicycleSpace is currently located at 459 I Street, NW, and describes itself as "a refreshingly community oriented bicycle shop located in the heart of the city. Traditionally-styled bikes, friendly, knowledgeable service, and everything you need to make your ride the best part of your day."

BicycleSpace not only sells and repairs bikes, but it also holds group bike rides, flat tire repair classes, and non-bike events like yoga and hula hoop classes.

Check out BicycleSpace's announcement (and view a picture of the new location) after the jump.

BicycleSpace announcement (
BicycleSPACE is Moving! New Location Announced 
One year and a half ago, BicycleSPACE opened in the dynamic neighborhood of Mount Vernon Triangle with the mission of growing bike culture in the District's urban core. We set our sights on transforming a run-down truck repair depot, which had incredible potential to service bicycle riders due to its industrial character and large open space. Abruptly, fast changing economic realities caught up to us, and soon after settling into the area our building was sold and slated for demolition to make room for additional residents. Disappointing, sure--but in the face of this foreboding omen, we remained resolute to make our mark on the city and we began searching for a new location that could enable a continuous connection with the incredibly supportive downtown community.

Having swiftly become "the most liked bike shop in DC," we were offered numerous intriguing options. Though smaller than our original space and some of the places we looked at, our new location at 1019 7th Street NW, will allow us to build on what we had started on I Street. Situated just north of New York Avenue and within a few short blocks of our original space, it has exciting possibilities.

Formerly having been both an art gallery and hardware store, and anchoring a traditional retail corridor, it now occupies a lively spot next to the Passenger bar and the coming Living Social headquarters. The most apparent feature from the sidewalk is the large bay window, which will challenge us to enrich the streetscape with interesting displays. Upon entry, there is a sense of lived-in charm and a warm, comfortable feel which will complement our selection of bicycles and accessories. In the back, there is a connection to the Warehouse Theatre, a venue with ample space to accommodate community events like those for which we have become known. We will continue to host the most group rides of any bicycle shop in the city as well as other free activities.

Our service area will retain its ample capacity and enable our knowledgeable mechanics to continue to provide swift, high-quality repair work. We will also have plenty of space to continue to stock and display the most useful and desirable bicycles and accessories for the local market.

Lastly, our choice allows us to be clear of the construction that is scheduled to be taking place in almost every corner of the Mount Vernon Triangle. As the dust settles and the streetscape improves, we will select a permanent home--back in the Triangle. Our neighborhood is changing rapidly and we are committed to grow with it and be a driving force for a positive culture shift as more and more people choose to get around with the utility and style of a stately bicycle.

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