Friday, January 13, 2012

Hoagie House at 4th and N Streets, NW, Sold for Development

The CityPaper's Housing Complex blog is reporting that the Hoagie House property at 4th and N Streets, NW, has been sold and will be devloped into apartments with a cafe on the ground floor.  The property was sold to Abbas Fahti, the former owner of Shaw's Tavern (who was denied a liquor license by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board).

Housing Complex also reports that the property was sold by ONE Ministries LLC, which had previously planned to convert the property into a facility for after-school youth programs.

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  1. While it would have been nice to see what ABC's Extreme Home Makeover would've tried to do with the place had historic restrictions on renovations hadn't have killed the idea I think that a coffee house a la Big Bear in this neighborhood would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Good luck to Mr. Fathi who will undoubtedly be more careful regarding technicalities of DC permits than in his previous venture on Florida Street.