Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UPDATED: Residential Project Proposed for 7th and P Streets, NW (northeast corner)

Updated:  View historical information on this site, including its prior uses as a hotel and as a "colored men's club" of the Salvation Army, along with historic photos from 1925 and 1968 (post-riot), after the jump.

[Original post from January 12, 2012] Housing Complex reports that Valor Development is proposing at 66-unit residential development at the northeast corner of 7th and P Streets, NW.  The project would rise to 50 feet along 7th Street and would include ground-floor retail.  It would be built partly on privately owned land and partly on land that the developer wants to purchase from the District government.

Read the article at : http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/housingcomplex/2012/01/03/valor-developments-on-a-roll-plans-66-units-in-shaw/
Also see the project plans at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/77087179/Valor-Development-631-P-Street-Lot-RLA-Parcel-Plans

View historical information on this site, including historic photos, after the jump.

From the Historic Survey of Shaw East (Kelsey & Associates, 2001-2): "The impressive house that once stood on [the] northeast corner of 7th and P Street[s, NW,] was built before 1874 for William F. Thyson. He owned the majority of Square 445 at the time, and he and his extended family began to subdivide it and sell of portions of it in April and May of 1878...."  See the full text below or at http://scr.bi/Ae4Dd4.

History of 7th and P Parcel (2 Pages)

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