Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DDOT Planning Major Overhaul, Two-Way Traffic for New Jersey Avenue, NW, between N Street and H Street

The District's Department of Transportation (DDOT) has proposed major modifications to New Jersey Avenue, NW, between N Street and H Street.  Most significantly, DDOT's plan would restore two-way traffic to New Jersey Avenue south of New York Avenue, allowing Shaw residents to travel directly to the Union Station area and the Capitol grounds via New Jersey Avenue.  DDOT would also realign the intersection of New Jersey Avenue at New York Avenue, moving the right turn lanes that allow southbound travelers on New Jersey Avenue to turn onto New York Avenue westbound (toward downtown) -- those right-turns lanes would be moved from 3rd Street to New Jersey Avenue itself.  (In addition, 3rd Street would no longer extend to New York Avenue, but would isntead terminate at an enlarged landscaped area at M Street.) Bike lanes would also be added to New Jersey Avenue beteen N Street and H Street.

The current conditions and planned improvements are shown in the images below (click either image to enlarge it):

(click image to enlarge)
(click image to enlarge)

Along with the roadway overhaul, DDOT plans to make the following improvements:
  • Upgrade all lighting to the new LED lighting.
  • Reconstruct all traffic signals and re-time all traffic signals to improve corridor operation
  • Provide countdown pedestrian signals and new pedestrian ramps for persons with disabilities
  • Reconstruct all curbing to the granite curb standard
  • Update all landscaping
  • Improve signing and pavement markings
DDOT will be holding public meetings to solicit public input and expects to finalize its plans for the project, with complete drawings, by Feburary 2013.

Check out DDOT's PowerPoint presentation from a recent community meeting, along with the current proposal for improvements, after the jump.

DDOT's July 2012 Recommended Plan for New Jersey Avenue, NW, Improvements between N Street, NW, and H Street, NW
A detailed drawing of the proposed improvements may be viewed by clicking here.

DDOT July 25, 2012, Public Presentation on Planned Improvements to New Jersey Avenue, NW, between N Street, NW, and H Street, NW
The DDOT presentation may be viewed below or by clicking here.


  1. Very interesting. (I think you have the wrong 'existing' image posted - they currently look the same.) After examining the .pdf my concern is that a new design should keep two designated turn lanes off south-bound NJ onto westbound NY Ave. The 'New Multi-Modal Alternative' only has one designated turn lane and that would be a serious mistake/bottleneck.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up; the "Current Conditions" image has been corrected.

    Regarding the turn lanes ... the 'New Multi-Modal Alternative" in the PowerPoint presentation is different from the "Recommended Alternative" (which is also labeled "Multi-Modal"). My understanding is that the "Recommended Alternative" is what is currently being proposed by DDOT -- that alternative has two right turn lanes from southbound New Jersey Avenue onto westbound New York Avenue.. The "Planned Improvements" image in the post is an image of the "Recommended Alternative". There's also a link to the "Recommended Alternative" before the link/embedded PowerPoint presentation in the post.

    1. Were you at the meeting last Wednesday? Would have liked to introduce myself.

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