Monday, July 30, 2012

Hotel Planned for 400 Block of New York Avenue, NW

The developer of the Yale condominiums and apartments is now planning to bring a 181-room hotel to the 400 block of New York Avenue, NW.  The hotel site is adjacent to the Yale West apartment building and is approximately 12,000 square feet. 

The planned hotel will rise 13 stories (the same height as the Yale West) and include approximately 90 parking spots in a 2-level underground parking garage.  The site currently sits largely vacant, except for a three-story historic building construcuted in 1902, which will be incorporated into the project.

The project is now technically in a study period while the developer finalizes approval with the Historic Preseration Review Board (which has already approved the buildign concept) and arranges financing for the project.

The design and permitting process for the project are expected to take through late spring of 2013, with a ground-breaking projected for May or June of that year.  Construction is expected to take about 20 months, which would have the hotel opennig its doors in early 2015.

Proposed project, front elevation

Check out a photograph of the current site, a perspective view of the conceptual design, and the developer's recent HPRB submission (including proposed floor plans and elevations) after the jump.

Current site (includes vacant lot and three-story building)
Proposed project, in context

465 New York Avenue, NW, Hotel Project — July 2012 HPRB Submission
The developer's July 2012 HPRB submission may be viewed below or by clicking here.


  1. This is good news. That corner has always been begging for some attention.

  2. I would so go to this! Please keep us updated!

  3. IT's just blocking my damn view. I wish it was a shopping center, like Wholefoods, vs a 13 story hotel!

  4. Very fancy looking hotel indeed! Reminds me of the Soho hotel from New York.