Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Shaw Planning and Historic Preservation Documents Page

A new Shaw Planning and Historic Preservation Documents page has been added to the website.

As the name implies, the new page includes a collection of planning and historic preservation documents related to the Shaw area (including Mount Vernon Square).

The page focuses on comprehensive studies, such as neighborhood-wide plans, rather than project specific plans -- and currently includes over 20 documents.

Planning documents on the page include the following:
  • The Convention Center Area Strategic Development Plan, published by the DC Office of Planning in 2006
  • Conceptual Streetscape Design Guidelines for the 7th and 9th Street Corridors from Mount Vernon Square to Rhode Island Avenue, a 2008 report developed developed by smARTstreets, a project funded by the Washington Convention Center Authority Historic Preservation Fund
  • The Shaw-Convention Center Retail Action Strategy, published by the DC Office of Planning
  • The original Shaw Urban Renewal Plan from 1969
Historic preservation documents include:
  • The Historic Survey of Shaw East, an over 180-page study of historic buildings in the East Shaw area, created by Kelsey & Associates for the DC Office of Planning in 2001-2002
  • Historic district brochures for Shaw, Mount Vernon Square, and Greater U Street
  • Documents filed with the federal government to designate the historic districts of Shaw, Blagden Alley-Naylor Court, Mount Vernon Square, and Greater U Street
If you have copies or links to other documents you think should be added, please leave a note in the comments section or email me directly at

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  1. Nice collection. Where are the Convention Center and Marriott Hotel Transportation Plans which residents have been clamouring for years to obtain from DDOT? Having an O Street Market Transportation study might be helpful as well. How the big trucks and buses coming up/down 7th & 9th to the new developments in Shaw is going to have a big impact on surrounding residents. The Convention Center Transportation Plan was never published (if even created) despite many meeting with the BANCA residents who insisted up on it. The WCCA, DDOT and electeds need to be more responsive to residents' concerns.