Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Groundbreaking Planned for Lincoln-Westmoreland Expansion

Plans for the expansion of the Lincoln-Westmoreland remain on track and groundbreaking is planned for later this year, according to a representative of the building's owner.

The Lincoln-Westmoreland is a 108-unit, ten-story apartment building at 1730 7th Street, NW, near the corner of R Street. The owner of the building plans to use a parcel of land to the south of the existing building — currently a single-story concrete parking shelter — to construct a new, 8-story apartment building with 56 residential units.  The building will have 3,100 square feet of ground-floor retail and approximately 35 underground parking spots.

Project site (northwest corner of
7th and R Streets, NW)
All of the units in the new building will be reserved for households earning 60% or less of the area median income.  (Most of the apartments in the existing building are Section 8 housing units.)

The start of construction is targeted for the third quarter of 2013, according to the owner's representative.  Construction of the new building is expected to take 14-16 months.

Before construction can begin, the developer must resolve an issue with WMATA (which owns property adjacent to the site), and the developer continues to work on securing financing for the project.  It bears noting that these issues been unresolved for at a year or more, so there may be reason to be skeptical of the developer's current target for the start of construction.

Project rendering: View from corner of 7th and R Streets, NW

Project rendering: View from corner of 8th and R Streets, NW

A project booklet, including perspective drawings, elevations, cross-sections, and land and survey data, is after the jump.


  1. I live nearby. The garden apt area is totally focused on the interior of the property which leads to NO connection to the neighborhood by the residents. I also heard through the rumor mill that the garden apt area is going to be torn down and rebuilt. I see no reason to add more subsidized housing in the neighborhood. All we are doing is putting all the same type of housing in one area of the city.

  2. I've lived near Lincoln Westmoreland for almost 25 years, and have hoped for it's eventual disappearance. Apparently, the Churches sponsoring this project (Lincoln Temple and the Westmoreland Baptist Church)initially obtained this site through eminent domain, forcing longtime residents out of their houses and destroying several blocks of rowhouses for the univiting project we see today. Neighbors of mine who lived on 8th Street had to vacate their home and accept a well-below market settlement. Added to the machinations of the Churches, anyone who must get off at the 8th and R Street Metro stop after 7:00 PM does so at their own peril. Too many gangs, too many incidents of violence continue to occur here, and much of it appears to emanate fro the existing project. Once again, subsidized housing is dumped on Shaw.

  3. Wow,I am not all surprised by the close mindness of the people that live with in this area ,alot of people looking in from the outside,and sure to make great assumtions.I cant and wont believe that subsidy housing is the begin all and end all to some of the major issues,can i say i make up near forty thosand,with three children,and we are normal and living in the city makes it possible for me to support them. bound by our lease to stay as hermit in our home or use the park within its 180 residents with an average of three children ,where would all sit? coventional job ,we dont have old money or connects anymore and its not just our children its children in genral whom live and are related then more ways than one,so many reasons to seperate so it will seem more comfotable for the yuppies moving to the city who have been handed 100,000 ayear it contracts and no its not lack of schooling that has me working these jobs its social,and unjustfied favortism ,turn a blind eye ,use fancy words and political points ,people you had a plan and that was to get shaw blacks and thier kids out.We must go simply because our counter parts are biased and just scared .MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA can pretty much turn anyone a to a no