Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who Owns 1539 7th Street, NW (the Site of the Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary)?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to engage with the owners of 1539 7th Street, NW, who appear to be willing to lease space in that building for a medical marijuana dispensary?  Well, although it appears that the owners of the Shaw business Blue Skye Development and Construction are also the owners of 1539 7th Street, NW, Blue Skye has failed to respond to my requests for comment on the proposed medical marijuana dispensary. I am hopeful that by bringing this information to the attention of Shaw residents, the owners will engage in a discussion with the community.

More information on my search for the owners is after the jump.

If you have any additional information about who owns the building, or how to contact them, please email me or post your information in the comments section.

Who Owns 1539 7th Street, NW?
As community discussion of the proposal to locate a medical marijuana dispensary at 1539 7th Street, NW, has continued, one question that I haven't seen answered is who owns that location -- and why the owner is (presumably) willing to lease the site to a medical marijuana dispensary and what the owner's reaction is to community opposition to the proposal.

I believe I've determined the answer to the first question—who the owner is—but because my emails and phone call to the likely owner have gone without responses, I have had no success in getting answers to the remaining questions.

According to the real property tax database maintained by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), the 1539 7th Street, NW, is owned by "1539 7th Street NW LLC".  But who actually owns "1539 7th Street NW LLC"—a limited liability company (LLC) structure often used in real estate transactions—is not information provided by the OCFO database.  Moreover, no information on the LLC was readily apparent on the corporations information section of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

A search of the Recorder of Deeds records, however, provided much more useful information.  A December 2010 filing indicates (as shown in the image below) that George Mavrikes is the general manager of 1539 7th Street NW LLC:

In addition, a 2006 filing in the Recorder of Deeds indicates (as shown below) that Bryan Irving, George Mavrikes, and Scott Whittier own 1539 7th Street NW LLC:

So who are Bryan Irving, George Mavrikes, and Scott Whittier?  They're apparently the founders and partners of Blue Skye Development and Construction, as shown in the following website image:

Blue Skye "About Us" webpage
Blue Skye also appears to be located at 1539 7th Street, NW, according to its website (and as indicated by a sign on the building).

Based on this information, I sent multiple emails to the company (to the email of the one owner whose email address I could locate) and left a voice message at the phone number listed on Blue Skye's website.  To date, I have had no response. If I receive any response from the owners of Blue Skye/1539 7th Street LLC, I will post them to this site.


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  3. To contact them, there should be the contact address or contact phone number mentioned on the website. There may be some mail ids too on the website to contact the particular person or the owner. You can contact him through any means. There must be some contact address for the Marijuana Dispensary so that the people can contact them or reach there.

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