Tuesday, February 26, 2013

District Issues Short List of Potential Developers for Parcel 42; States Final Developer Selection Will be Made by the End of April

Parcel 42
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The District's Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development announced today that it has requested Best and Final Offer (BAFO) proposals from three development teams that had submitted proposals for the redevelopment of Parcel 42.  DMPED stated that the teams "were selected due to the quality of their proposals, adherence to the RFEI criteria, and community support."

The three development teams are:
  • Baywood Hotels and Dantes Partners
  • Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • Tensquare Group and Chapman Development 
Each of the development teams must submit their BAFO proposals by March 22, 2013.  DMPED stated that it will review the BAFOs and select a development partner by the end of April 2013.
The three proposals that the District government is considering are described below, with a link to each of the developer's presentations from the community meeting that was held in November 2012. More information on the parcel and the solicitation process is available here.  Information on the proposals that were not considered for further consideration can be viewed here.
Developer: Baywood Hotels (lead) and Dantes Partners
Architect: OPX
Proposal: 102-room hotel with residential and retail components
Hotel component: 102 rooms (floors 4 through 9)
Residential component: 22 affordable housing units (floors 2 and 3).  The units would be affordable to households at 50% of the area median income; of the 22 units, 3 would be efficiencies and 19 would be one-bedroom units.  No market rate units.
Retail component: 5,689 square feet (floor 1)
Retail tenant: Milk & Honey Market (Milk & Honey Market describes itself as "Your convenient neighborhood source for delicious locally produced foodstuffs, from farm fresh produce, dairy and sustainably raised meats to local and imported specialty cheeses and charcuterie. From artisanal baked goods to essential groceries.")
Parking: 74 spaces
Total square footage: 89,918 total square feet (including 54,492 square feet for the hotel and 5,689 square feet of retail),
Height: 9 stories (90 feet)
Small parcel component: Community playground [Note: Parcel 42 includes the main parcel at 7th and R Streets, NW, and a small (1,700 square feet) secondary parcel across an alley from the main parcel.]
Developer's presentation: Click here.


Proposal: 81 unit residential building with ground-floor retail
Residential component:  81 units (62 one-bedroom units and 19 two-bedroom units).  17 of the 81 units (20%) would be affordable dwelling units (ADUs).  Half of the ADUs would be affordable to households with incomes of 80% of the area median income (AMI) and half of the ADUs would be affordable to households with incomes of 30% or 60% of the AMI.
Retail component: 7,600 square feet (ground floor) with outdoor seating/dining
Retail tenant: Yes! Organic Market 
Parking: 33 spaces (27 for residential units and 6 for retail)
Total square footage: 91,902 total square feet (79,380 square feet for residential; 7,600 square feet retail; 4,020 square feet common space)
Height: 8 stories
Small parcel component: 2 townhouses [Note: Parcel 42 includes the main parcel at 7th and R Streets, NW, and a small (1,700 square feet) secondary parcel across an alley from the main parcel.]
Alternate proposal: Neighborhood Development Company also presented an alternate proposal under which they would combine the two lots that comprise Parcel 42 (the main lot and the small lot across the alley from the main lot) by realigning the alley.  Under this proposal, the project size would increase to 102,048 square feet, with 85,043 square feet of residential, 9,500 square feet of retail, and 7,500 square feet of retail space. The number of housing units would increase to 99, with 20 of the units being affordable dwelling units.  The number of parking spaces would increase to 68, with 55 spaces dedicated to residential units and 13 spaces dedicated to the retail component.
Developer's presentation: Click here.

Note: The TenSquare/Chapman PowerPoint presentation provided limited information on the specific elements of the proposal.  Some of the information below is derived from articles from DC Urban Turf and the Washington City Paper.

Developer: TenSquare and Chapman Development
Architect: R2L Architects
Proposal: 105-unit residential building with ground floor retail (per DC Urban Turf)
Residential component:  105 units, mix of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units (per DC Urban Turf).  Affordable housing component not specified.*
Retail component: 5,000 square feet.
Retail tenant: Not yet determined.
Parking: Amount not specified.*
Total square footage: Not specified.*
Height: Not specified.* 
Small parcel component: Park space and bike racks. [Note: Parcel 42 includes the main parcel at 7th and R Streets, NW, and a small (1,700 square feet) secondary parcel across an alley from the main parcel.]
Developer's presentation: Click here.
* Not specified in developer's PowerPoint presentation and not described in the DC Urban Turf or City Paper article.


  1. ANC Nigro
    Grill the residential developers on environmental efficiencies beyond the Districts low ball LEED standards. Low energy/utility costs make housing more affordable -- even for rich folks -- and are better for Mother Nature. Solar, gray water cisterns, etc. Let's have development we can be proud of 10-20years down the line as developers become more and more innovative -- not just stuff that sounds good now.

  2. I have to say I'm absolutely amazed that UHOP didn't make it through. I thought they had a stranglehold on development in this neighborhood.

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