Thursday, December 27, 2012

Agenda Announced for ANC 6E Meeting on January 2, 2013; New ANC Boundaries; Officers to Be Elected

The agenda has been announced for the Wednesday, January 2, 2013, meeting of ANC 6E. The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Shaw Library, 1630 7th Street, NW.

This meeting is the first of the newly redistricted ANC 6E, which includes the majority of the Shaw neighborhood.  (The rest of Shaw remains in ANC 2F.)  The ANC 6E portion of Shaw was previously part of the former ANC 2C

The former ANC 2C consisted of four commissioners representing Shaw, Mount Vernon Square, a large portion of the the East End area of downtown (including the Gallery Place/Verizon Center area) and a portion of the Mall.

The new ANC 6E consists of seven commissioners representing Shaw, Mount Vernon Square, Mount Vernon Triangle, and the area between Mount Vernon Triangle and North Capitol Street (including Sursum Corda and a small portion of the NoMa BID).

New ANC 6E
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Former ANC 2C
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The ANC 6E members are the following (links are to candidate questionnaire responses, interviews, or Facebook pages):
6E01: Alex Padro
6E02: Kevin Chapple
6E03: Frank Wiggins
6E04: Rachelle Nigro
6E05: Marge Maceda
6E06: Mark Dixon
6E07: Alfreda Judd

Agenda items for ANC 6E's first meeting include the election of officers and the approval of the 2013 budget.

The full agenda is after the jump.

(per email from Commissioner Alex Padro)
  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Election of Officers for 2013
  4. PSA Report: Metropolitan Police Department
  5. Impact of Inaugural Events on ANC 6E Residents
  6. Success Restaurant, 917 5th Street, NW: Request for Support for ABC License Class C for New Restaurant
  7. Report on December 6, 2012, ANC Chairs Meeting with Mayor Gray
  8. Other New Business
  9. Old Business
  10. Approval of 2013 Meeting Calendar and Locations
  11. Approval of Methods for Issuing Notice of Meetings
  12. Approval of 2013 Budget
  13. Approval of Participation in ANC Security Fund
  14. Approval of Minutes of December 5, 2012, ANC 2C Meeting
  15. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  16. Approval of ANC 2C Quarterly Report for First Quarter FY2013
  17. Approval of Expenses
  18. Announcements
  19. Next Meeting
  20. Adjournment

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